“. . . and He gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.”  Ephesians 4:11-12

Front Range Bible Institute (FRBI) was formed in 2006 in response to a shifting paradigm in theological education prompted by rising costs and relocation logistics associated with traditional biblical seminaries. The church-based Bible institute was developed as a complementary alternative for easily accessible, high quality and lower cost systematic theological training and ministry equipping.  All for the purpose of assisting local churches accomplish the God-given mandates of the Great Commission.

FRBI operates as a 501 (c) iii non-profit theological ministry and according to guidelines of the Colorado Board of Higher Education as a degree granting institution.  Our seminary trained faculty is dedicated to faithful service, and deeply committed to battling the neglect of sound theological teaching or its relegation to the “merely academic.” At the present time, we are not accredited by any outside accreditation services, and the degrees FRBI offers in accordance with Colorado state guidelines may or may not be recognized by other educational institutions. VA benefits can be used for all educational costs. ACSI recognizes instruction for continuing education.

FRBI is deeply committed to the importance of seeing the local church be all that God has called it to be, and to accomplish all that God has called it to accomplish.  Those who serve toward this end understand the challenges of the call.  FRBI was formed as a local church ministry with the purpose of helping local churches accomplish the God-given mandates of the Great Commission.  As we introduce you to the details of our program, we invite you to read over our ministry philosophy in this introduction to help you better understand the goals and structure of our program.

What FRBI Does:
In short, FRBI takes seminary-level instruction and brings it down to the local church level.  In content, FRBI’s courses essentially mirror that of a Master of Divinity program found in a traditional seminary.  Because FRBI gives this at the local church level, the class demands are geared to a level of intensity that is appropriate for such a setting.  The level of outside study and reading also vary — depending upon which program the student is participating in.

While FRBI has no desire or ability to replace the fine, biblical seminaries that are equipping men for ministry, we do believe that there are several practical reasons this kind of ministry fills a crucial role for the local church:

  • For many people there is a huge practical difficulty in relocating to pursue such instruction.
  • For many people who desire this instruction, the costs of such instruction present a huge challenge.
  • For those who can make such choices, this often means having to pull out of a home church where fruitful ministry is already taking place.
  • The importance of continuing theological instruction and ministry equipping whether you’re pursuing vocational ministry, lay ministry, or simply desiring to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.
  • And our Commitment to:
    • The inerrancy & sufficiency of Holy Scripture
    • A student’s growth in personal holiness and overall development
    • Godly character, scholastic excellence & ministry commitment
    • Sound doctrine, Bible interpretation & expository teaching
    • Local church importance, support & involvement
    • God’s progressive glorification through the equipping of His people
    • Class size that promotes intimacy, accountability & discipleship
    • The affordability & accessibility of all our academic programs