The Purpose Of FRBI Is Not To Make Profit.

  • FRBI does all it can to bring high quality theological education to God’s people at the church level at a low personal cost.
  • FRBI believes that each student should pay for their own materials.
  • FRBI believes that it is both biblical and appropriate to give modest compensation to those professors and administrators who are dedicating their time to feeding the church (cf. 1 Corinthians 9:3-14; 1 Timothy 5:17-19; Galatians 6:6; 3 John 6-8).
  • FRBI modest tuition helps make this quality program possible.
  • Important:  FRBI never wants a lack of student participation to be due to financial reasons.  Anyone who has difficulty in meeting costs should speak privately to the professor or academic dean to inquire about possible assistance (see Financial Assistance below).

Registration / Application Fee

  • $50.00 (one-time, non-refundable) for Certificate of Biblical Studies and all degree (BBS, MBS, MDiv) students.

Course Tuition (Per 3-Credit Course)

  • Audit:  $120
  • Family Audit (2 or more family members): $200.00
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies:  $180
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies:  $300
  • Master of Biblical Studies:  $300
  • Master of Divinity:  $300

Payment Of Tuition And Fees

  • Payment for tuition is due within two weeks of the invoice date.
  • Checks are payable to Front Range Bible Institute. Students may also use credit cards, debit cards or Automatic Bank Transfers.
  • FRBI cautions students in regards to using debt/credit to pay for their education, but if necessary to use all wisdom and discernment. If a student has difficulty, financial assistance may be available.
Acceptable Refund Policy
  • Students not accepted by the school and students who cancel the contract by notifying the school within three business days are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid.  If any students withdraw after three business days, but before commencement of classes, are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid except the registration fee.
  • In the case of students withdrawing after commencement of classes, the school will retain a cancellation fee plus a percentage of tuition and fees, which is based on the percentage of contact hours attended, as described in the table below.  The refund is based on the last date of recorded attendance.
Student Entitled Upon Withdrawal / Termination
10% of program completed 90% Refunded
20% of program completed 80% Refunded
30% of program completed 70% Refunded
40% of program completed 60% Refunded
50% of program completed 50% Refunded
60% of program completed 40% Refunded
70% of program completed 30% Refunded
80% of program completed 20% Refunded
90% of program completed 10% Refunded
  • The student may cancel this contract at any time prior to close of the third business day after signing the enrollment agreement.
  • The official date of termination for refund purposes is the last date of recorded attendance.  All refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of termination.
  • The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid if the school discontinues a course/program within a period of time a student could have reasonable completed it, except that this provision shall not apply in the event the school ceases operation.
  • Complaints, which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation between the student and the school, may be filed with the Division of Private Occupational Schools of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.  The Division shall not consider any claim that is filed more than two years after the date the student discontinues his/her training at the school.
  • FRBI will evaluate previous education and training and when applicable it will be given.
Financial Assistance One of the primary goals of FRBI is that of keeping student costs as low as feasible (tuition costs are about 20-30% of many seminaries).  We recognize that some students may still have difficulty in meeting these reduced costs.  Should a student have need of financial assistance, some degree of scholarship assistance may be possible on an “as available” basis.  A degree program student who would like such help should obtain a scholarship application from the Academic Dean. FRBI Financial Aid Application & Info.