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Ways to Learn
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Tuition & Fees
FRBI Faculty
FRBI Faculty

Fall 2020 Courses

Monday September 7 - Thursday November 19, 2020

OTL 811 Exposition of Isaiah
Mondays @ 5:45pm
Instructor Peter Wise
Course Syllabus Coming Soon

CH 602 Reformation History
Tuesdays @ 5:45pm
Instructor Jason Parker
Course Syllabus Coming Soon

OTL601 Hebrew Exegesis I
Wednesdays @ 3:00pm
Instructor Peter Wise
Course Syllabus Coming Soon

OTE 501 Old Testament Survey I
Wednesdays @ 5:45pm
Instructor Peter Wise
Course Syllabus

BST 601 Theology I
Thursdays @ 5:45pm
Instructor Dr. Tim Dane
Course Syllabus Coming Soon

BST 801 Hermeneutics II
Thursdays @ 8:00pm
Instructor Dr. Tim Dane
Course Syllabus Coming Soon

  • BST801 will satisfy the BST501 requirement. Hermeneutics (How to study the Bible, principles of interpretation) is an essential core course.
  • If students are able, BST601 Theology I will start earlier than 5:45pm in order to allow for an earlier start to BST801 Hermeneutics II.
  • Try any course for 3 weeks without obligation.

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The importance of continuing theological instruction and ministry equipping whether you’re pursuing vocational ministry, lay ministry, or simply desiring to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

And Our Commitment to:
The inerrancy & sufficiency of Holy Scripture.
A student’s growth in personal holiness and overall development.
Godly character, scholastic excellence & ministry commitment.
Sound doctrine, Bible interpretation & expository teaching.
Local church importance, support & involvement.
God’s progressive glorification through the equipping of His people.
Class size that promotes intimacy, accountability & discipleship.
The affordability & accessibility of all our academic programs.


Stated in simple terms, the purpose of FRBI is to see God progressively glorified through the equipping of God’s people for effective service


Our mission is to provide in-depth, systematic instruction to God’s people to help them grow in a deeper knowledge of God and to serve Him


What we envision God accomplishing may be summed up in the following goals: (1) a training program that equips God’s people for


Read What People Are Saying About Us
We’re thankful for FRBI for several reasons. First, it’s allowed us to receive a theological education that’s consistently biblical and pleasantly affordable, all while remaining in and ministering in our home church. Also, we’ve been delighted at the high caliber of the professors; they’re not only impressive in their knowledge but also in their ministry experience. Lastly, we’re thankful for FRBI’s unflinching love of Scripture. At FRBI students not only learn the Bible but “catch it,” as they see it lived out in their professors and fellow students.
Jed B.

Jed B.

Master of Divinity Graduate & Associate Pastor

I am the pastor of Slavic Bible Church in Colorado Springs. I became a pastor a few years ago while studying at Front Range Bible Institute. I can confidently say that God has used Front Range to influence my personal life and make me a better servant. I would highly recommend FRBI to anyone involved in the ministry who wants to obtain necessary skills for better service, and to those who just want to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and His majestic Word. It is well worth the time & money.
Aleksey Z.

Aleksey Z.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies Student & Pastor

FRBI has been such a blessing to Grace Bible Church. We have long desired more formal “equipping of the saints for the ministry,” & Front Range has been the answer to our prayers. Sunday School teachers, missionaries, future chaplains, saints from all walks of life have benefited from local training that allows them to continue living in Colorado Springs and remain serving in our local church.
Jeff A.

Jeff A.

FRBI Board Member & Senior Pastor

I so appreciate the openness of FBI in allowing homeschooling families to enroll! The classes are taught by biblically grounded professors, and prepare students for life, college, and ministry. They are economical, especially to families. I really appreciate that they take only one evening a week, and are a short term commitment, finishing in @ 12 weeks. We learned so much from all of the classes we have taken, especially the Creation Science class! God bless FRBI!
Stacey B.

Stacey B.

Audit Student

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