Jed Brown
Jed & Ann Brown - small

2010 FRBI Graduate, Master of Divinity

Currently:  Jed and his family (wife Ann and 4 children) live in Salt Lake City, Utah where Jed is an Associate Pastor at the Evangelical Free Church of Salt Lake City

The Role FRBI Played:  “FRBI laid a crucial foundation for me for vocational ministry. I found it to be academically rigorous, which formed habits in me that continue into the pastorate. Yet the instruction was also pastorally sensitive and sound. I had the option to attend better-known seminaries, but I’m glad God moved us to study at FRBI. I was not just a student; I was discipled towards Christ by the professors, and I was a fellow disciple of Christ with the professors.”

James Spann
Spann Family - small

2013 FRBI Graduate, Master of Divinity

Currently:  James and his family (wife Megan and 4 children) are preparing for a move to Arizona with the Rockies Southwest Bible Church Extension to plant a church somewhere in AZ. They are praying for God’s will for the location and for secular employment in the meantime. They are raising support and keeping people updated on our facebook page – Spann Family Ministry.

The Role FRBI Played:  “FRBI provided a quality and affordable seminary education in preparation for full-time ministry – all while working full time, serving in ministry, and caring for my wife and four children! The classes were challenging and demanding, but inestimable in the richness of genuine, relevant study of the Word of God.  I value the education earned and the relationships developed in my time at Front Range and have not regretted attending Front Range Bible Institute over a larger more “prestigious” school”