VA Benefits and Provisions

FRBI has approval from the COVET (Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training) to enable eligible students to use VA benefits for FRBI study expenses.  Students should ask about how to apply for VA benefits.

  • In accord with COVET approval, FRBI will limit class enrollment to a maximum of 25 students per instructor per class.
  • FRBI is defining our full-time student status as follows for VA benefit purposes.  This definition is being made by FRBI according to the authority granted to the school by the Colorado Board of Higher Education to make such determinations.  The following credit hours are based on 11 week quarters.
  • Full-time student status shall be considered 12 credit hours in the Certificate of Biblical Studies program and in the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program.
  • Full-time student status for the Master of Biblical Studies or Master of Divinity shall be as certified (FRBI considers 9 credit hours of Graduate level studies on a quarterly basis to be the minimum full-time load).
  • VA form 22-8794 has been changed to add Jonathan A. Henderson as a certifying official (in addition to Timothy L. Dane who has already been approved).
  • According to VA standards, student records (financial, grade, progress) will be kept in a fireproof locking cabinet with the only ones to have access to such records are school officials (including professors) and the particular students.
  • According to VA standards on veterans tuition refunds, FRBI will maintain a policy of giving pro-rata refunds:  The amount of refund will be based upon 10% increments and begin at 100% at the beginning of the quarter and go down to 10% at the end of each quarter (see VA refund policy statements as part of this addendum).