Undergraduate Programs: Each case is considered individually. Prospective students should contact the Registrar to submit necessary forms. Provisional admission may be agreed to, especially for High School students in upper grades. (As stated above a minimum age of 14 is required for all undergraduate programs as well as Audit and Certificate programs.) As essays are a major part of FRBI course work, it is essential that all candidates in degree programs are capable of writing at a college level.

Graduate Programs: The basic entrance qualification is an approved Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a university or tertiary college in any discipline.

Admission Requirements
A completed application form.
Personal testimony.
Official transcripts from all colleges, universities and seminaries (these should be sent directly from the academic institutions to FRBI).
A copy of any college or university degrees earned.
A copy of any valid U.S. identification (e.g., State driver’s license).
Request for pastoral reference (information on this reference form is also to help FRBI cooperate with local churches in knowing how we can best assist them in equipping their members for fruitful ministry).

Application Deadlines
Because classes continue yearly on a quarterly basis, applications may be submitted at any time prior to the forthcoming quarter. The prescribed Application Form, all necessary documents, photographs, etc., and tuition are to be forwarded to the Registrar with a testimony of conversion and continuing Christian commitment, as well as pastoral and other references. In normal circumstances applications cannot be processed until all documents are received. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that such documents are submitted promptly and completely. Photocopies of documents (e.g., transcripts), are acceptable, provided they are certified as actual copies from the former school.

Application for Admission