FRBI operates under, and according to, the guidelines of the Colorado Board of Higher Education as an institution that grants theological instruction (CCHE Academic Affairs Procedure, Part J, Appendix B, the Declaration for Religious Authorization under the Degree Authorization Act regarding approval for Bible Colleges and Seminaries).  With this filing under the Colorado Board of Higher Education, FRBI provides instruction in the realm of Bible and theology, but does not provide instruction at the general, liberal arts level.

As a primary goal, the administration of FRBI is dedicated to providing quality, systematic, theological instruction to its students in helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  At the present time, our program does not have accreditation by any outside accrediting bodies, although the administration may pursue such accreditation at a future point.  The degrees FRBI offers in accordance with Colorado state guidelines may or may not be recognized by other educational institutions.  Students would be responsible to make such inquiries.

The administration of FRBI is pleased that students may pursue a structured course of instruction that can include a theological degree, but we feel that our primary purpose is that of equipping saints for effective ministry, not that of granting degrees.  Regardless of outside accreditation, the administration of FRBI is committed to producing an academic standard that equals or exceeds the expectations for these levels of study.  We believe that the truest measure of quality will be the students who become thoroughly equipped in their ability to “rightly divide the Word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15).