At the current time, FRBI’s online courses are utilized as back up for regular classroom students, and by Independent Study students.

Independent Study: Students are able to complete select courses, during a particular Quarter, on an independent study basis upon approval of the Academic Dean. Each course is directed / overseen by an FRBI Professor with active communication between student and professor.  Course materials are normally provided via the FRBI online learning portal, or in special cases via DVD’s. Students are responsible to complete the same requirements of classroom courses within the quarter.

Course materials (syllabi, class notes and class video) at our online learning portal ( are available to students once they have received the corresponding enrollment key.

Available Courses:
BST501 Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutics)
BST601 Theology I
BST602 Theology II
BST603 Theology III
BST604 Theology IV
BST606 New Testament Theology
BST701 Apologetics & Evangelism
BST702 Creation Science
BST703 Cults & World Religions
BST705 Spiritual Gifts
CH501 Church History I
CH502 Church History II
CH602 Reformation History & Theology
CH605 American Church
FMT501 Servant Leadership & Development
FMT503 Principles of Effective Bible Teaching
FMT505 Biblical Principles on Marriage & Family
FMT701 Principles of Biblical Counseling
FMT702 Applications of Biblical Counseling
NTE501 New Testament Survey I
NTE502 New Testament Survey II
NTE705 Exposition of 1 Corinthians
NTE801 Exposition of Hebrews
NTE805 Exposition of Revelation
NTL601 Greek Exegesis I
NTL602 Greek Exegesis II
OTE501 Old Testament Survey I
OTE502 Old Testament Survey II
OTE503 Old Testament Survey III
OTE601 Exposition of Genesis 1-11
OTE811 Exposition of Isaiah
OTE815 Exposition of Daniel