Students can take classes with no other educational prerequisites. Students who audit classes will gain the benefit of all the instruction but not be held accountable for homework or class projects.

Certificate of Biblical Studies:
Students may enroll for our 12-course certificate program (CBS) that gives a broad exposure to biblical content and Christian theology. There are no educational prerequisites for the certificate program.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies:
The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) program requires the student to have a high school diploma, GED equivalent or other evidence of high school completion. The Bachelor’s program will consist of 144 credits of instruction (48 courses).

Master of Biblical Studies:
The Master of Biblical Studies (MBS) program requires the student to already hold a Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree does not need to be theological or religious. The Master of Biblical Studies program will consist of 72 credits of instruction (24 courses).

Master of Divinity:
The Master of Divinity program (MDiv) is the training program generally seen as standard preparation of men for vocational pastoral/missionary ministry. A Bachelor’s degree is required for entrance to the M. Div. program. The M. Div. program will include the 63 core credits of the M. B. S. program, but also require 54 credits of instruction in the two major biblical languages (27 credits of Old Testament Hebrew and 27 credits of New Testament Greek) and one additional 3 credit elective. If a student does not possess a prior Bachelor’s degree but completes all the requirements of the M. Div. program, the degree will carry the status of Bachelor of Theology. While men and women may enter and complete the Certificate of Biblical Studies, the Bachelor of Biblical Studies, and the Master of Biblical Studies, the M. Div. program is designed to train men only for pastoral/missionary ministry.

Courses are held on the campus of FRBI’s primary sponsoring church, Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church (Colorado Springs). Address and directions are noted in the next section.  Classes meet primarily in the church’s 1800 Sq. Ft. administration building / Ministry House which includes two classrooms (20 x 22 and 21 x 22), two restrooms, four offices, general office space for equipment (copiers, etc.), and a kitchen.  Additional classroom space comes through multiple classrooms in the main building of the church.

Independent Study:
Students are able to complete select courses, not offered during a particular Quarter but needed, on an independent study basis upon approval of the Academic Dean. Each course is directed / overseen by an FRBI Professor with active communication between student and professor.  Course instruction is generally provided via DVD’s mailed to the student, downloaded via the FRBI website, or accessible on the FRBI online platform.  Students are responsible to complete the same requirements of classroom courses within the quarter.

One on One:
Arrangements may be Available between an Instructor and student to pursue a particular course not offered during a particular Quarter, but needed. Students and instructor meet on a weekly basis, at a mutually agreeable time.  Students are responsible to complete the same requirements of classroom courses within the quarter.

Students are currently able to pursue a limited number of Certificate level classes. FRBI plans to make the entire Certificate in Biblical Studies program available online, followed by Master’s in Biblical Studies courses.