Our mission is to provide in-depth, systematic instruction to God’s people to help them grow in a deeper knowledge of God and to serve Him as He personally leads them into service. We aim to provide this instruction to all who sincerely desire such learning opportunities, whether male or female, always bearing in mind the biblical distinctions about male and female roles in the Body of Christ. Our desire is to do all we can to make this instruction easy in access, as well as affordable in cost. As fellow ministers in God’s field, we recognize the challenge of providing this kind of quality, biblical instruction that covers a wide range of learning. As pastors and teachers who are dedicated to seeing the church fulfill God’s call, we are very concerned that sound theology oftentimes is neglected or relegated to a “merely academic” realm — and such neglect has weakened the Body of Christ. Writer-theologian David Wells gives this reminder when he writes, “A church that neither is interested in theology nor has the capacity to think theologically is a church that will be rapidly submerged beneath the waves of modernity” (taken from “The Theologian’s Craft,” in Doing Theology in Today’s World, John D. Woodbridge and Thomas Edward McComiskey, eds. [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1991], p. 191). In view of this great call and the need of the church, FRBI has been formed to help local churches meet this need.