What we envision God accomplishing may be summed up in the following goals: (1) a training program that equips God’s people for passionate and effective ministry within the local church as God has gifted and called each believer; (2) a training program that will help godly men become skilled servants in teaching and shepherding (“apt to teach”), a key aspect of becoming well-prepared to shepherd God’s flock in eldership/leadership roles; (3) a training program that will equip men for fruitful Christian ministry at the pastoral and/or missionary level of vocational Christian service. FRBI is especially committed to helping men gain skills in “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” so that they might become highly effective in Bible exposition and Bible teaching. In short, we envision God setting His people on fire for service by means of the Scriptures, as they come to a fuller and greater appreciation of God’s own glory and greatness.