2018 Spring Quarter classes begin Tuesday April 3, 2018 at Mesa Hills Bible Church.

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FRBI is Moving to Mesa Hills Bible Church
Beginning with the 2018 Spring Quarter (April 3, 2018) Front Range Bible Institute will have a new home in the Toppin Building at Mesa Hills Bible Church located just east of I25 at 615 W. Uintah Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

Spring 2018 Course Schedule
(April 3 – June 14, 2018)

FMT801 Homiletics – Tuesdays at 5:45PM, Professor Al Albano
           Homiletics Syllabus

CH602 Reformation History & Theology – Tuesdays at 5:45PM, Instructor Jason Parker
           Reformation History & Theology Syllabus

NTL701 Advanced Greek Grammar – Thursdays at 3:00PM, Professor Tim Dane
           Advanced Greek Grammar Syllabus

OTE711 Exposition of Ecclesiastes – Thursdays at 5:45PM, Professor Tim Dane
           Exposition of Ecclesiastes Syllabus Coming Soon

BST801 Advanced Hermeneutics – Thursdays at 8:00PM, Professor Tim Dane
           Advanced Hermeneutics Syllabus Coming Soon

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Cults & World Religions Conference

Download (PDF, 245KB)

Grand Design or Blind Chance Conference
We were blessed to have Dave Nutting, Mary Jo Nutting, Bill Hoesch and Dr. Tim Dane examining the evidence for Biblical Creationism. Click on the links below to view the conference videos:
        Session 1, Dave Nutting – Dinosaurs
        Session 2, Mary Jo Nutting – Was Darwin Wrong on Biology?
        Session 3, Dave Nutting – Was Darwin wrong on Biology & Fossil’s?
        Session 4, Bill Hoesch – Global Evidence for the Noahic Flood
        Session 5, Bill Hoesch – Global Evidence for the Noahic Flood II
        Session 6, Tim Dane – What Do We Know from Radioisotope Dating?
        Session 6A – Q&A
        Session 7, Dave Nutting – Can You Really Believe the Bible?
For those desiring to gain a more detailed understanding of Biblical Creationism, consider registering for FRBI’s BST702 Creation Science course, taught by Dr. Tim Dane. It is also available on-line at ecampus.frbible.org .

ISIS, Israel & the Gospel Conference
We were blessed to have Jeff Townsend, Dr. John Cook, and John Metzger speak on The Middle-East Mess: Abraham to ISIS, Understanding Islam, The Iraq Relief Project and Biblical Prophecies for Israel. Click on the links below to view the conference videos:
        Session 1 – The Middle-East Mess: Abraham to ISIS
        Session 2 – Understanding Islam
        Session 3 – The Iraq Relief Project
        Session 4 – Biblical Prophecies for Israel