Beginning with the Winter 2011 quarter, Front Range Bible Institute will move to an 11 week schedule. In order to maintain the proper number of classroom hours, we will be extending the classes by 15 minutes per class. Early classes will start at 5:45pm and end at 8:00pm and late classes will start at 8:00pm and finish at 10:15. By moving to an 11 week quarter, we will be able to align our schedule more closely with a traditional school schedule as well as have more time off in the summer.

Also starting with the Winter 2011 quarter, there will be a slight increase in fees. Cost per class will be as follows:

Audit  $120
Certificate of Biblical Studies $180
Bachelor of Biblical Studies $300
Master of Biblical Studies $300
Master of Divinity $300

Finally, beginning with Summer 2011, the summer term will be reduced to a one week intense study “summerim”. Classes will meet for 4 hours per day for 6 days for a total of 24 classroom hours. Similaryly, we will be offering a “winterim” starting with the 2012 school year.