One need not look far to see the raging debate between Darwinian evolutionism and biblical creationism. The debate rages at every level of society from the educational system, down through the public media, and all the way throughout every level of life. Unfortunately, many Christians feel intimidated by the claims of the evolutionists who present their case “with an aura of reliability” that is held to be beyond question. Bible believing Christians often feel that they are not competent to engage in discussions about these issues since they lack the technical training to reason intelligibly with the evolutionists who claim the support of “scientific facts.” One of the facts Christians need to recognize in this whole issue is the fact that “scientific data are theory laden, not theory free.” In other words, as Ian Barbour notes, one should not make the naïve error of thinking that scientists are free from philosophical and metaphysical presuppositions when they approach the task. As Barbour points out, theoretical assumptions impact the work of the scientist at virtually every level of the process. Lest one question the reality of assertion (by one who admittedly is not an orthodox evangelical Christian), the reader is invited to consider several interesting (and even comical) quotes from some of the most eminent scientific minds. For example, Steven Hawking, commenting on the Big Bang and how he uses quantum mechanics to avoid a scientific model that looks like biblical, ex-nihilo creation, says the following: “I don’t demand that a theory correspond to reality because I don’t know what it [reality] is.” Hawking goes on to say, “I take the positivist viewpoint that a physical theory is just a mathematical model and that it is meaningless to ask whether it corresponds to reality.” What Hawking is saying is that he is content with a non-reality view of the universe if he can make his non-reality view fit into a mathematical model, a model that must not include a sovereign God who is both creator and judge, a model that utilizes concepts like “imaginary time” and “imaginary numbers” because for Hawking, to take the evidence as it is “smacks of divine intervention.” These scientists simply do not want to confess the God who is there.

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