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FRBI Online

Registered students are currently able to pursue the following online coures:

BST 501 Hermeneutics & Principles of Exegesis
BST 601 Theology I
BST 602 Theology II
BST 603 Theology III
BST 604 Theology IV
BST 701 Apologetics & Evangelism
BST 702 Creation Science
BST 703 Cults & World Religions
BST 705 Spiritual Gifts
BST 801 Advanced Hermeneutics
CH 501 Church History I: Pent to Reform
CH 502 Church History II: Reform to Present
CH 602 Reformation History & Theology
FMT 501 Servant Leadership & Pastoral Ministry
FMT 502 Exposition of Prayer
FMT 503 Principles of Effective Bible Teaching
FMT 505 Biblical Principles on Marriage & Family
FMT 602 Evangelism & Discipleship
FMT 701 Principles of Biblical Counseling
NTE 501 New Testament Survey I
NTE 502 New Testament Survey II
NTE 502 New Testament Survey II
NTE 701 Exposition of Romans I
NTE 705 Exposition of 1st Corinthians I
NTE 706 Exposition of 1st Corinthians II
NTL 702 New Testament Introduction
OTE 501 Old Testament Survey I
OTE 502 Old Testament Survey II
OTE 503 Old Testament Survey III
OTE 601 Exposition of Genesis
OTE 711 Exposition of Ecclesiastes
OTE 826 Exposition of Zechariah
OTL 501 Beginning Hebrew I
OTL 502 Beginning Hebrew II
OTL 503 Beginning Hebrew III
OTL 750 Exegesis of Daniel

FRBI plans to make more courses available over time.  Ask FRBI President / Professor Dr. Tim Dane, or Director of Operations Scott Findorff for details.

Registered students are also able to view current course video, syllabus and course materials online once they have received a Username and Password.

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